Open Heart

Open Heart

By Marcelino Rapayla, Jr.

Privation of expertise to carry the responsibility of being a liturgist made me trouble. But later, I realized that openness of one’s heart is a way of nurturing one’s ability.

Like the advent season, it encourages us to take time to look into our hearts and to prepare for the coming of our Savior. It is a time when people seem to be kinder and more loving because there is no denying that Christmas is near.

Moreover, the word advent means “coming” which that is, the coming of Christ, our Savior. Advent season symbolized the wreath and candles. Wreath is a circular shape which reminds us that God is eternal, That is, He has no beginning and will live forever. It also tells us that God’s love for us is so great that it goes on and on. His love will never come to an end. And most of the time, Advent wreath is made with evergreen which is reminding us that God never changes. If “everything changes,” God is constant and steadfast is His love for us. When we light the Candles on the advent wreath, indeed, reminds us that Christ is the light of the world.

Meanwhile, have you ever ask yourselves the difference between the advent season and the ordinary days? I believe that courage is the peculiar of the two. Opening our hearts is an expression of courage. This expression is in a certain sense the definition of the Christian. Being Christian means “putting on Christ.” Every day is a summons to put on Jesus Christ, as we nurture our lives being a Christian.

In Christ,

Marcelino A. Rapayla Jr.
St. Thomas of Villanova House – OAD

Lower Tabor, Brgy. San Jose (Talamban), Cebu CIty
Tel. no. (032) 344-6100

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