“Are you ready?

It’s an agony and painful conversation with my father who felt tired and talk about death. My heart is broken seeing him and his body deteriorating. My tears flow while giving hope to the person you love most. When he said that he will not stay a long time. It seems that I am walking in the desert, feeling alone while explaining to him the reality in life, that in time, how bless we are to face the eternal blessing that death is a blissful gift. “Are you ready,” I told him, do not cry and do not be sad. It is a beginning of real, eternal and blissful life. But if you’re not ready yet, please fight of your sickness and be strong. God is with us.

In Christ,

Marcelino A. Rapayla Jr.
St. Thomas of Villanova House – OAD

Lower Tabor, Brgy. San Jose (Talamban), Cebu CIty
Tel. no. (032) 344-6100

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Let us keep the faith and together we will change the world.
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