First, I would like to thank, Christopher Ryan Maboloc, who helped me set out a criteria of an ethical research – a moral evaluation. I personally thank these people that in one way or another become a concrete example in my study by extending their duty to help the other, namely: Sir John & Mam Lydia Mercado, Joseph & Graciela Liwag, Imee & Emanuel Aballe, Mommy Connie Abenoja, Amabel Magnolia Abella, Nickle & Timothy Shaw, Ivy Carredo Arellano, Lani Hatamosa, Angelina Alfar, Joy Jumao-as, Geraldine Aro, Maria Lourdes Abrajano, Nanay Wennie Ardiente, Cheryl Jobe, Robert Burkot, Fr. Richard Perko, Richard Stahl, Francis Franklin, Jessel Angelou Serna, and Glenn Baroro, Ate Mary Arinaza, and Gammy & Mildred Agbay, Frankle Margallo, and Raymart Ybañez.
Special thanks to my Professor Gerry Arambala, for believing in our ability to write our thesis; Bro. Carlo Oliver Diosmano, Mam Carmella Archival, Bro. Carl Derrick Galil Suico, for their friendly encouragements. I thank these persons for spending time to read and patiently understanding my works from the very beginning up to the accomplishment of this study.
For my adviser, who really helped me in formulating my discussions and in keeping me in line with my goal in writing my thesis, Rev, Fr. Benedicto Tao, Ph.D. I really thank father for the patience, for the time, and for the help. If not because of your expertise, wisdom and guidance I would have not finished my thesis with less errors and problems. Thank you very much father for your help.
I would also like to express my gratitude to my father, Marcelino Sr. to my siblings: Ramilito, Joseph, Jovelyn, Jocelyn and Emely, to my father formators for giving me the opportunity to deepen my vocation in religious way of life – an OAD way: Fr. Joel Sumooc, Fr. Rolando Rafol, Fr. Roden Torro, Fr. Armand Ricaborda, Fr. Giovanni Orong, Fr. Recto Frando, Fra. Jesus Arcilla Engles, Fr. John Biton, Fr. Jason Solon, Fr. Crisologo Suan (Father Provincial), and the rest of the Fathers and Brothers of the Order of the Discalced Augustinians (OAD). And also to the following groups: OAD Lectors, OAD 3rd Order and Hermandad de Sta. Rita, thank you for everything, for your supports, and prayers.
And lastly, I would like to thank, Rev. Fr. Ernie Abella Dayanan, our face-to-face encounter awakened my responsibility that led me in my discovery of the true meaning of self-giving.
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Sia lodato Gesu Cristo!

Marcelino A. Rapayla Jr.
St. Thomas of Villanova House – OAD Aspirants

Tabor Hill, Brgy. San Jose (Talamban), Cebu CIty
Tel. no. (032) 344-6100

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