Water for Lunch

Water for Lunch
Feb. 17, 20016 @ Cebu Doctors’ Hospital University

In today’s experience, technology is really important. My doctors’ appointment this morning is cancelled due to emergency call of duty, Doc Mayo, has patient that which is on critical condition, so he needs to focus on the condition of his patient as his priority this morning, and my appointment is transferred in the afternoon.

The secretary tries to call me in my mobile phone but it was surrendered to my father formator, so I was not informed that no clinic this morning. Good thing that i brought my notes for studying in preparation for my comprehensive examinations, bad thing is I have not taken my breakfast because I went out in the seminary earlier to cope my schedule and also anticipating the heavy traffic. But I have enough money for fare in my pocket, no budget for lunch but I think I can buy bottle water – So, I just have water for my lunch.

Sia lodato Gesu Cristo!

Marcelino A. Rapayla Jr.
St. Thomas of Villanova House – OAD Aspirants

Tabor Hill, Brgy. San Jose (Talamban), Cebu CIty
Tel. no. (032) 344-6100

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